No one can hit the target with their eyes closed.

June 4, 2009



No one can hit the target with their eyes closed, i once read. A sentence built up with a               simplephrase with simple words. Yet the meaning has a deep and broad essence in it. In every stage, in every setting and in every emotional state our body and mind is going thru in our life. Our soul still has a purpose, a purpose of being what it is. I’m not a aware of it in many ways, but convinced that my soul is the essence of my being. I always consider myself as a body, a person with a mind and heart. I am a person with many roles to fulfill -and to act according to. I have a body that is in need of care and attention, and i have a mind that needs to be aware in all things possible surrounding me and my environment. When is the time for my soul to be nourished, receive some attention? -It needs me! ‘Cuz only through my soul can I be and become who i want to be. I can hit any target, I can reach any stars and i can live with faith. Faith in me, faith in decision makings, faith in the obstacles has a meaning and its path a source of molding my perspective in life. Faith is, and will always be, the most important partner to my soul. Together they will create who I am, and who I will become and who I was. My past, present and future is the reflection of my soul and my faith. It represents my thoughts, my words and my actions. In the end, My soul and faith is what I will be left with. But before the last chapter in my journey, I am, and will always be aware of that I can hit any target. -Just not with my eyes closed! -Once my eyes are closed, that is when I will say to myself: Have faith and be beyond what your body is. ~KC~


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