80’s Child

June 8, 2009

My parents, i have to find some more pictures to illustrate the persons they were before they ended up as parents. I have to dig harder in to the archives. The need to invest on a camera is a must! Looking at these photographs of my parents makes me reflect on their lives and their choices. It’s so making me look further in maternity and parenting.

Being an 80’s child is being part of an era where the stilettos, the converse, the skinny jeans and the Madonnas’ fashionista’s was boiling up on the cover shoots. The Norwegian radio had A-ha, Bobbysocks, and some European Grand Prix tunes. I can remember my dad set up, he had a Pioneer fully equip cassette player, tuner, LP’s and speakers with a big headphone. I found it easy to just float in to the rhythm &melodies of the collection of piano classics, Bee-Gees, ABBA, Barbara Streisand, Elton John, Bread, ballads and guitar-playing 70’s inspired music.



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