All I Want For Xmas…

December 8, 2009

All I Want For Xmas are these shoes, the lil’bag to go with and a hint of scent which i prefer to wear daily…..

What can i say, womans wishes are not always on others priority list. Yet, shoes, bags and the scent of heavenly freshness is always on The List of any woman who likes to be seen, heard and talked about….. Woman’s way of being an enhancement of itself, isnt always the talent the knowledge or the i-know-been-there attetudes.

Its all about the SHOES, the BAG, the note of a SCENT that is the icing on the cake on how one carry oneself…. -XMAS is just around the corner, and i guess my list is already been curled up, ripped edges and almost eaten by its existence for being always in my bag’s inside pocket… Three item that describes me this year 2009, would be these three items…

The love of shoes, the love of my 1st cat and the love of the scent of a baby….

I LOve


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