The Cigarette

April 19, 2010

You only make it right by planning, acting on it and constant reflective thoughts…

Life is a gift, they say. Well, life for some can be a challenge, and for others a life of searching, wanting and hoping. Making a statement is not only a external need, i would think the most important need is how we feel internally with making a statement to the world. Expressing and interacting is a way to live, helping and praying is a way to live a life. Lighting a cigarette just to comfort a sudden need, can be intoxicated and life threatening. But also an old friend, that provides a calmness, a time out or a signature on who you are as a person. What we see and what we perceive, that cigarette can be both a negative or positive item in life. Black and white photo, one holding a cigarette, fabulous pose with clothes that resiliate the persons attetude, will portrate The Cigarette as an asset. What is good and bad in life is not how we should think. What was once bad or good, defines who we are today. A cigarette is only a symbol,  a sign. HOw we can live with the past of good and bad, signafice the platform on how we can make tomorrow better then yesterday…

Tush Magazine


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