May 18, 2010

Those who will not find time to exercise will find time with illnesses….
By ….

I know will, motivation, results and discipline is the ingredients for any change one would like to happen. Dont give up. Actions leads to more actions.

Inspiration is for freedom, just open ur mind and you will see.

My inspiration is …


Planning vacation

May 17, 2010

Planning pur vacation shouldnt be hard, i got my notepad, pen and the tour book of norway infront of me. But, as Miko is searching for attention he rips the pages apart, embracing the pen, has a satisfying look in his eyes which saus “thats how i make it done” and finds his place, closes his eyes and startside purrin away…

Being a cat is and willy always be about being The Center og Attention…

I guess planning a trip to Trysil, Besseggen and Flomsbanen has to wait….

SO I DID IT…. I bought it… Love the applications… White and simple…

The Cigarette

April 19, 2010

You only make it right by planning, acting on it and constant reflective thoughts…

Life is a gift, they say. Well, life for some can be a challenge, and for others a life of searching, wanting and hoping. Making a statement is not only a external need, i would think the most important need is how we feel internally with making a statement to the world. Expressing and interacting is a way to live, helping and praying is a way to live a life. Lighting a cigarette just to comfort a sudden need, can be intoxicated and life threatening. But also an old friend, that provides a calmness, a time out or a signature on who you are as a person. What we see and what we perceive, that cigarette can be both a negative or positive item in life. Black and white photo, one holding a cigarette, fabulous pose with clothes that resiliate the persons attetude, will portrate The Cigarette as an asset. What is good and bad in life is not how we should think. What was once bad or good, defines who we are today. A cigarette is only a symbol,  a sign. HOw we can live with the past of good and bad, signafice the platform on how we can make tomorrow better then yesterday…

Tush Magazine

’97 – ’99

April 11, 2010

Too many memories flashes back, all i can say is 1997 – 99.

These are some of the songs… -how i miss 96.3 wRock & magic 98.9 radio stations

The voice…

April 10, 2010

Can’t beat this voice!   -husky, yet smooth like velvet…

All I Want For Xmas…

December 8, 2009

All I Want For Xmas are these shoes, the lil’bag to go with and a hint of scent which i prefer to wear daily…..

What can i say, womans wishes are not always on others priority list. Yet, shoes, bags and the scent of heavenly freshness is always on The List of any woman who likes to be seen, heard and talked about….. Woman’s way of being an enhancement of itself, isnt always the talent the knowledge or the i-know-been-there attetudes.

Its all about the SHOES, the BAG, the note of a SCENT that is the icing on the cake on how one carry oneself…. -XMAS is just around the corner, and i guess my list is already been curled up, ripped edges and almost eaten by its existence for being always in my bag’s inside pocket… Three item that describes me this year 2009, would be these three items…

The love of shoes, the love of my 1st cat and the love of the scent of a baby….

I LOve

Happy Birthday Boo, Toppee

October 30, 2009

It’s really been twenty good minutes
Since I kissed you
Come back boo
I miss you
Wish I had twenty million hours
To caress you
And undress you
To be continued…

Ribbon by Mariah Carey. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel


October 27, 2009

Love knitted items


Nice choreo!

October 26, 2009